Buildmaxx - Readymix Plaster

Buildmaxx Readymix Plaster is a premixed cement-based solution to substitute for the traditional site mix wall plaster process. The solution consists of processed sand which is graded and distributed as per particle size and proportionately mixed, cement, and water soluble polymers which act as additives. The application method requires mixing of water before application and the mix is ready for plastering. it can be used for both external and internal plastering.

Readymix Plaster can be applied on:
  • AAC Block Walls.
  • Fly Ash Brick Walls.
  • Clay Brick Walls.
  • Stone Walls.
  • Concrete Block Walls.
  • Concrete Surfaces.
Plaster Coats


8-10 mm single coat is recommended for internal plaster covering.


Two coats are recommended to cover the external side of walls i.e. Base coat of 8-12 mm and Finish coat of 8-12 mm to get a total thickness of around 18-20 mm, further depending upon site conditions. After Base coat, minimum 2 to 3 days curing must be done before application of Finish coat.

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Aggregate Size :

    3 mm

  • Bulk Density :

    1700 to 1800 Kg/m3

  • Setting Time :

    12 Hrs

  • Compressive Strength@7 days (MPa) :

    5 – 6

  • Compressive Strength@28 days (MPa) :

    10 – 11

  • Pull off :

    0.88 N/mm2

  • Consistency (Using Standard flow table) :

    120 mm

  • # The Values obtained are from our laboratory testing conditions. Tests conducted on site conditions may show slight variation due to methods of testing/application.


Parameters Values
Appearance Greyish Granular Powder
Coverage 16 to 20 square feet / 40 Kg bag @ 10 - 12 mm thickness
Thickness of Single Layer 10-12 mm
Pot Life 30 minutes (can vary on climatic conditions)
Water Demand 15% of Mix (can vary on climatic conditions)
#The Values obtained are from our laboratory testing conditions. Tests conducted on site conditions may show slight variation due to methods of testing/application

Ingredients : Graded artificial Sand, OPC 53 Cement, and Performance additives.

Packaging : 40 Kg PP Bags.

Storage : Keep in dry place free from moisture and water. Do not leave the bag/bags open.

Shelf Life : Six months from the date of manufacture in the originally sealed packaging and with recommended storage conditions.


Parameters Buildmaxx Readymix Plaster Conventional Method
Application Time Fast application Not possible
Quality Consistent quality due to computerized process Manual mixing hence not possible to test every batch
Shrinkage Cracks No shrinkage cracks Significantly high shrinkage cracks
Handing & Storage Easy handling and storage Difficult to keep stock of different material
Wastage No wastage High wastage
Efflorescence Negligable Observed in many cases
Sand Graded Non graded
Rebound Loss Minimum High due to non gradation & bigger sand particle size.

Features and Benefits

High Strength
High Strength

High compressive and tensile strength increases masonry strength and load-bearing capacity.


Due to the manufacturing process and accurate particle size distribution, the material is of consistent quality.

Easy Application
Easy Application

The material is pre-mixed and only water has to be added on site. This makes the process of plastering much easier and quicker.

Hassle Free
Hassle Free

No hassle of maintaining mortar ratio, whereas in the conventional method labour and supervision are required to prepare the mix.

No Shrinkage Cracks
No Shrinkage Cracks

No Shrinkage cracks, as premix plaster raw materials are tested and accurately mixed with specific particle size and quantity.

Minimum Wastage
Minimum Wastage

The wastage caused in the conventional site mix process while sand sieving and mixing material is totally avoided.

Higher Coverage
Higher Coverage

Due to lower density and high volume, it covers 15-20 sq.ft./bag with a thickness of 10-12mm.


Easy to maintain stock as equal size packaging in bag form is provided.


It provides smooth finish walls even in a single coat. Hence saves time and cost required for putty coating.


Surface finish after application is excellent and equal due to best particle size grading, hence maximizing wall plaster performance.


No site mix and blending of powder is required. Only water is to be added.


Unlike the uncertain availability of raw river sand, Readymix bags are available round the year.

Preparation and Application

Concrete Block Joints<
1. Concrete Block Joints

All concrete and Block joints must be covered with a chicken wire mesh.

Surface Clean
2. Surface Clean

The surface should be free from oil, grease, paint, loose plaster or dirt particles.

Wall Wetting
3. Wall Wetting

Dampen the wall before application of plaster.

Mix Preparation
4. Mix Preparation

In 6-7 liters of potable water add 1 bag of readymix Plaster.

Leave to React
5. Leave to React

Leave the mix to react for 5-10 min and remix before use.

Cement Slurry
6. Cement Slurry

Apply cement slurry. If the surface is smooth and dense, the surface should be made rough.

7. Remixing

Re-mixing should be done for 5-10 minutes.

Apply On Wall
8. Apply On Wall

The mixture should be thrown while the cement slurry is wet. Ensure levelling with the help of tools.

Second Coat
9. Second Coat

If 2nd coat is required, ensure grooving on first coat to provide good grip for 2nd coat.

10. Levelling

After final coat ensure proper levelling with the help of appropriate tools.

Water Curing
11. Water Curing

After the plaster is dry, curing should be done 2-3 times a day for 7 days minimum.