About Us

Our Mission is to enhance construction productivity by delivering reliable and dynamic products.


Buildmaxx Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Buildmaxx Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” was incorporated in 2021 in pune with an objective of making building and construction practices efficient through innovative building products.

Our Mission is to enhance construction productivity by delivering reliable and dynamic products

Our products accelerate the pace of construction work because of their versatile features such as ready to use, high performance and durability.

Our main goal is to consistently explore pioneering ways to bring paramount value to our customers and set benchmarks in quality of products, services and customer satisfaction with our core value- "Dedication to Excellence".

Quality Policy

Buildmaxx shall provide total value to its customers by consistent supply of quality products and reliable service support.

Buildmaxx shall continuously strive to achieve quality and performance leadership in its products.

Buildmaxx shall ensure continuous development of new products and techniques to impart REAL VALUE to the construction industry.

Buildmaxx shall ensure safety at its work place and surroundings.

Buildmaxx shall achieve the above GOALS by a trained and well co-ordinated team.

The Desk of the MD


It is with Pride and pleasure and deep gratitude to my committed team that I address you.

From being fully integrated dry mix product company, Buildmaxx Solutions Pvt Ltd have grown to achieve a presence well beyond in Maharashtra of specialized construction products and Technologies.

We wish to be part of the India growth story, catering to each and every project on going and upcoming. That would give a true scene of partnering in nation building with home grown technologies and products.

As a company with a serious commitment to the cause of responsible construction of infrastructure, we at Buildmaxx shall continue with unflagging zeal to produce the best products of global standards, be an environment friendly company, be a corporate with a deep sense of social responsibility and leave an indelible yet quiet footprint of unfailing product quality and all time dependability.

Our Team

Creative Team

Angelina May

Chief Executive

Clarence Lewis


Percy Rouse

Project Manager

Tony Hiott

Marketing Expert