Buildmaxx - Tile Adhesive

Buildmaxx Tile Adhesive is a multi-utility premix thin-bed self-curing solution that can be used for fixing and jointing tiles, marbles, stones and other materials. The material composition results in high strength and durability, giving desired adhesive which also prevents shrinkage cracks and slippage of material. A white cement-based tile adhesive suitable for application on concrete/cement-plastered or tile (for tile-on-tile) substrates on interior and exterior wall and floor surfaces for fixing vitrified tiles, marble, granite and mosaic of up to large profile.


  • Appearance :

    Grey / White free flow powder

  • Base :

    Polymer Modified Cement

  • Pot Life :

    60 minutes

  • Water Demand :

    18 to 20 %

  • Coverage @ 6 mm :

    25 – 30 Sqft

  • Bulk Density :

    1821 Kg/m3

  • Compressive strength@28 days :

    20.22 N/mm2

  • Pull off Strength@14 days :

    0.8 – 1.25 N/mm2

  • # The Values obtained are from our laboratory testing conditions. Tests conducted on site conditions may show slight variation due to methods of testing/application.


Parameters Buildmaxx Tile Adhesives Conventional Cement Slurry
Quality Standard Conforms to Indian Standard IS-15477 Does not confirms to any specified Indian standard
Testing Well tested product with defined parameters No such testing done
Shrinkage No shrinkage observed May shrink when used
Packaging Ready to use / Premix bag Need to mix materials at site for preparation
Consistency Consistent quality as gradation and machined proportions are mixed and packed Quality not as consistent as mix is done at site through labour and gradation of material is not optimised

Features and Benefits


Tile Adhesive is available round the year, making it easier for the material planning team and facilitating on time completion of work at site.

Time Saving
Time Saving

The concept of premix cuts out the tedious and inaccurate process of material mixing and preparation, which only leaves water mixing and application as a process to be done at site. This reduces the time required to perform at site and also the labour requirement.

Easy Application
Easy Application

The product is a premix packed solution containing cement, sand and special additives which only require the addition of water before use, making the application process simpler and easier.

Minimum Shrinkage Cracks
Minimum Shrinkage Cracks:

Technical properties and the design mix enhance the product performance leading to minimum shrinkage cracks solving a major problem in comparison to the conventional method.

Excellent Adhesion
Excellent Adhesion:

Due to the special additives and sand gradation, the product texture and quality ensures excellent adhesion and makes it slip resistant, giving it an upper edge.


It is a standardized product which goes through a standardized production process following IS 15477 (specification for tile adhesive for ceramic and mosaic tiles) ensuring consistency and better performance.

Longer Pot Life
Longer Pot Life

Since the premix contains special additives which also contain water retention properties, the pot life of the mix is longer.

Preparation and Application

Concrete Block Joints
1. Concrete Block Joints

All concrete and Block joints must be covered with a chicken wire mesh.

Surface Clean
2. Surface Clean

The surface should be free from oil, grease, paint, loose plaster or dirt particles.

Wall Wetting
3. Wall Wetting

Dampen the wall before application of plaster.

Mix Preparation
4. Mix Preparation

In 6-7 liters of potable water add 1 bag of readymix Plaster.

Leave to React
5. Leave to React

Leave the mix to react for 5-10 min and remix before use.

Cement Slurry
6. Cement Slurry

Apply cement slurry. If the surface is smooth and dense, the surface should be made rough.

7. Remixing

Re-mixing should be done for 5-10 minutes.

Apply On Wall
8. Apply On Wall

The mixture should be thrown while the cement slurry is wet. Ensure levelling with the help of tools.

Second Coat
9. Second Coat

If 2nd coat is required, ensure grooving on first coat to provide good grip for 2nd coat.

10. Levelling

After final coat ensure proper levelling with the help of appropriate tools.

Water Curing
11. Water Curing

After the plaster is dry, curing should be done 2-3 times a day for 7 days minimum.