Buildmaxx BOND - Aid Gypsum Bonding Agent

Buildmaxx BOND-Aid “Gypsum Bonding Agent” - a unique product that serves as an excellent bond on the RCC background and the internal gypsum based or any other plaster based wall lining. Its unique formula of Polymer, selected sand fillers, additives & polymers makes it coarse and improves its bonding properties. You need not physically develop the surface by hacking or any other methods. Bonding Agent is specially formulated as a plaster bonding agent for pre – treatment of smooth backgrounds. It contains an aggregate to provide a mechanical key.

Technical & Physical Parameters

  • Setting Time :

    24 Hrs

  • Colour :


  • Bonding Strength :

    1 Mpa*

  • Type :

    Colloidal solution with suspended solids

  • Chemical Composition :

    Polymer based liquid

  • Drying Type :

    Air Drying


  • Additional chemical or mixing not required.
  • Better adhesion /bonding due to lime & sand powder which contains fine aggregates for better mechanical, as well as chemical adhesion
  • Excellent Cohesive bond to RCC, Concrete and other surfaces
  • Single coat application
  • Excellent high strength due to good spreadable properties
  • Economic
  • Faster to apply due to good spreadable properties
  • Non toxic, non inflammable
  • Simple and easy application
  • Green in colour for easy identification

Identification & Packing

BOND-Aid is packed in plastic buckets. The outer layer of the bucket is printed with the product image, safety instruction, batch number, date of manufacturing, UOM, correspondence address and application instructions.

Available Sizes - 20 kg, 10 kg, 5kg & 1 kg

Shelf life - Approx. 6 months from date of Manufacturing

Coverage - 50 Sqft/Kg

Standard Compliance Testing procedure as per ASTM D7234

Application Storage & Handling

Buildmaxx Bond-Aid is supplied in buckets. Buckets should be stored in a cool dry place. After opening of bucket the material should be used as quickly as possible. Background Preparation Surface on which BOND-Aid application to be done should be clean, dry and free from mould oil or any other agents. Any faults in the structure, particularly those which may lead to moisture penetration, must be rectified. Just before application of BOND-Aid, pre wetting must be done with the help of a brush/roller.


Mix material properly with clean rod to properly distribute solid particles in the solution.


Use good quality paint brush. The brush should be cleaned with enough water immediately after use. Apply with even distribution of fine aggregates over the surface. Allow it to dry thoroughly for around 24 hours.